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5 Services your Web Design Agency can Start Upselling Today

New web design clients can be hard to find. That’s why it’s important to offer upsells to generate more revenue and provide additional services for your current web design clients. Adding some additional services to your business can drastically help you exceed your sales goals and make your customer’s life much easier. Who wants to have a web designer, graphic designer, email marketer, content creator, and social media marketer? Keeping all of these services under one roof adds convenience for your clients and often provides better results.

Listen to your clients. What are they asking for? Do they ever mention a service they wish you offered? We understand there are only so many hours in a day, and sometimes offering new services from your agency can stretch your team thin. The good news is there are thousands of qualified agencies and freelancers you can hire to outsource work that you don’t have the time to accomplish. In fact, chances are you have networked with someone in the industry that you can partner with to take on such tasks.

So, you may be wondering… What kind of services can I offer my current clients? We’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular services our clients upsell their web design leads.

1. Maintenance

Many of your web design clients will need small changes made to their website on a consistent basis. Whether it’s updating blog posts, portfolios, employee bios, or even adding in some new features here and there – this is a great way to bring in a new stream of revenue.

There are two popular pricing models: Hourly and flat-rate. Most designers simply bill their clients for the hours they worked. Others work on a flat-rate model, billing clients monthly or annually for an agreed-upon number of hours. For example, one of our clients charges his customers $400 for 5 hours of work each month. This model ensures a recurring stream of income for work that may not always be required.

2. Graphic Design

Chances are most businesses you work with will require graphic design work done at some point. Whether it’s designing a logo, advertisement or announcement – clients will be happy to have someone they can trust to make their brand stand out and bring customers in.

3. Search Engine Optimization

What good is a website that doesn’t get any traffic? After designing a website, typically the next step is using digital marketing methods such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to bring in interested visitors.

What’s great about Search Engine Optimization is that you most likely have already completed the important on-site SEO while creating the website. With some proper link-building and content creation clients will see the flood gates open and get the results they need from their newly designed website.

4. Hosting

Nearly every website host offers reseller hosting where you can make some residual money off of your current clients. They are going to be paying for it anyway, so why not reap the benefits? If you don’t want to offer hosting support it would be advised to take a look at web hosting affiliate programs. This allows you to be hands-off and still bring in some additional revenue for your agency.

5. Print

Most businesses will need print design done at some point. What’s great is that if you are experienced in graphic design this is a service you can easily offer. Businesses are constantly needing stationery, flyers and business cards designed for their clients. Marketing material can have a great influence on the success of a promotion and guess who will be the one they thank?


Chances are you’ve considered offering these services in the past or even offer some already. Make sure that you remind your clients of your additional services offered, but be diligent in ensuring the quality of your work provided is never diminished. What are you waiting for? Go get selling!