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6 Mistakes Every New Web Designer Should Avoid

Behind every successful Web Design agency is a laundry list of failures that helped shape them. While learning from your mistakes is important, far too often those decisions could have been avoided altogether. Wrong choices can cost you time, money and potential clients. Sometimes a change of perspective and a little kick in the butt can save you from lots of future frustration.

We’ve worked with some of the best web designers in the industry. We’ve also worked with companies that have crashed and burned. No matter the size of your operation, it’s important to take advantage of all your resources and learn from the mistakes so many have made in the past.

1. Stop Saying Yes to Everything

We get it. Starting a web design business is tough. The biggest hurdle is finding your first few clients. With that said, remain honest about your skills and abilities. Taking on projects that are out of your spectrum of expertise will result in unhappy clients and a poor reputation.

This also goes for how you price your services. We’re firm believers in putting the full amount of time and effort into every project. Taking on work for pricing that doesn’t excite you only results in frustration. It’s ok to decline work because it seems like a headache, or their budget is too low.

2. Quit Overpromising

You wouldn’t buy a Honda thinking it had the performance of a Ferrari. So why should your client think his shiny new website will fix his DVD rental business? I know, it’s a bit of an exaggeration – but we see agencies make false promises every day.

It’s important to outline expectations with clients. How do you anticipate to help this business? To what extent will your actions impact their bottom line? Promising the world will only result in unhappy clients. Stay true to what you anticipate you can accomplish and your clients will be grateful.

3. Learn Client Goals

Creating a stunning website doesn’t always mean you knocked it out of the park. A visually appealing site is great, but if it doesn’t accomplish client goals then you still have loose ends.

Each client’s needs are different. Take the time to let your client communicate their requirements and create a plan that best suits them. Ask the right questions and really learn their industry, desired features, and business model.

4. Don’t Grow too Fast

Growth is exciting! As you see your sales and revenue increase, it’s often tempting to take on everything that comes your way. This often results in a business that has spread itself too thin. The quality of your work and the support that you provide should be the top priority. Ensure that you have these aspects of your business locked down before moving up to a more aggressive business model.

5. Keep Track of Your Leads

A good CRM is vital for any growing business. How you manage your leads (both inbound and outbound) results in the amount of revenue you bring on. Follow-ups, quotes, and phone calls should be an everyday occurrence. If you are letting your leads go cold you are leaving money on the table.

6. Utilize Outbound Marketing

Finding new clientele can be difficult – especially when you’re first starting out. To keep business flowing and new projects coming in it’s important to take advantage of outbound lead generation techniques. These typically include cold calling and email marketing. Inbound leads are great for business, but you should be fueling yourself with multiple channels of marketing.

For many agencies, generating new leads is too much of a headache. They would rather outsource their web design lead generation to a company such as ours. If you’d like to learn more about our Web Design Leads click here.