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Industry Tips

When it comes to starting your web design business, finding your first client is typically the hardest. Your reputation isn't there, you may be inexperienced in some aspects of the business, but you know you're ready to go above and beyond for your first project. The good news is that every successful web design agency has been in this position. The even better news is that if you do some things right it won't be nearly as difficult as you think. Potential web design clients are everywhere you look. In fact, many are out there with their hands up saying "help

New web design clients can be hard to find. That's why it's important to offer upsells to generate more revenue and provide additional services for your current web design clients. Adding some additional services to your business can drastically help you exceed your sales goals and make your customer's life much easier. Who wants to have a web designer, graphic designer, email marketer, content creator, and social media marketer? Keeping all of these services under one roof adds convenience for your clients and often provides better results. Listen to your clients. What are they asking for? Do they ever mention

When taking on a new project it's important to be well educated in your client goals and industry. Are they looking to bring in new business, display their work, take orders online, offer support and a knowledge base, issue content for their clients or completely rebrand? Only once you have a strong understanding of what a client is looking to accomplish should you start working on their project. Most of the problems that arise for web designers are due to a lack of transparency between both the designer and client. By starting off on the right foot and understanding all