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Questions Web Designers Should Ask Every Client

When taking on a new project it’s important to be well educated in your client goals and industry. Are they looking to bring in new business, display their work, take orders online, offer support and a knowledge base, issue content for their clients or completely rebrand? Only once you have a strong understanding of what a client is looking to accomplish should you start working on their project.

Most of the problems that arise for web designers are due to a lack of transparency between both the designer and client. By starting off on the right foot and understanding all of your client’s needs from the beginning you can be efficient in your tasks and ultimately have a client that is satisfied with their finished product.

What does your business do?

Before anything else, get a greater understanding of your client’s business. Have them describe their business and services, their pricing strategies, their target market, and goals.

I typically start with “describe your business in a few sentences.”

After you are well educated on their business it’s time to learn more about who they cater to. After all, a website catered to the wrong demographic would achieve nothing. Who is their target market?

It also helps to look at their competition to determine what is working and what isn’t. You might even be able to find copy and keywords that would benefit your SEO should you also be providing that service down the road. Who are their main competitors?

What do you want your website to accomplish?

No two clients are the same. Some may want to increase their revenue, others may be more focused on improving their brand. Take a look at their current website and determine the problem areas that need work. Do you think they could benefit from a blog? How are their products or services currently shown? By determining what is working and what isn’t working you can get an idea of where to focus your efforts.

I ask “What would you change about your current website?”

From here we can get into the details. What specific features do they want on their new website? Some agencies go as far as providing their new clients with a checklist of features they offer. This helps to catch things that might slip through the cracks and become a need further down the road.

It often helps to see some websites that they currently favor. I ask “What websites do you currently like, and why?” – the why is the most important part here. Learning your client’s reasoning for liking a feature or the way something looks goes a long way towards them being satisfied by the finished product.

Now comes my favorite part. How can we make you stand out from your competitors? Learn the ways in which they are different from their competition, ensuring you create a website that goes above and beyond the market expectations.

What’s the best way to move forward?

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty. When is your final deadline for the project, and what milestones or goals do we need to meet along the way? Being transparent and open is the best way to ensure your client remains a customer for life. If you offer other digital marketing upsells be sure to make your client aware of them and the ways in which they can help them succeed.

If you’re looking to take on new projects be sure to learn more about our Web Design Leads here at Lead Smirk. We communicate with business owners that are looking to hire web designers and are a great resource for design agencies that are looking to increase their clientele.