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When taking on a new project it's important to be well educated in your client goals and industry. Are they looking to bring in new business, display their work, take orders online, offer support and a knowledge base, issue content for their clients or completely rebrand? Only once you have a strong understanding of what a client is looking to accomplish should you start working on their project. Most of the problems that arise for web designers are due to a lack of transparency between both the designer and client. By starting off on the right foot and understanding all

Just as studies predicted in the past, the Web Design industry as a whole has grown insurmountably in the last few years. Some experts predicted the market would diminish as out-of-the-box web design solutions such as Wix and Squarespace popularized. The reality is that businesses will always need expanded development and complex solutions to their problems. The web design industry is booming and our clients are at the head of the pack. Let's Look at the Numbers Everything from predicted growth to average salary is attractive. The following data is from the United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics. The Median