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Why Web Design is a Great Career in 2020

Just as studies predicted in the past, the Web Design industry as a whole has grown insurmountably in the last few years. Some experts predicted the market would diminish as out-of-the-box web design solutions such as Wix and Squarespace popularized. The reality is that businesses will always need expanded development and complex solutions to their problems. The web design industry is booming and our clients are at the head of the pack.

Let’s Look at the Numbers

Everything from predicted growth to average salary is attractive. The following data is from the United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics.

  • The Median Pay for a web designer is $67,990 per year
  • There are 162,900 web design jobs in the United States
  • Expecting a 15% increase in jobs by 2026 (much faster than the national average)
  • That equates to 24,400 new jobs by 2026.


Whether you desire to work in an office or remotely, there’s always flexibility in the web design industry. If you are freelancing or running your own business you have the option to work from where you want. There are thousands of web designers that travel the globe with their laptop in hand, all funded by their career in web design.

If working for yourself isn’t what you’re looking for, remote job options are more popular than ever. Job boards are littered with employers looking to put a remote web designer on payroll. You can enjoy the security and benefits that come with a salaried position, without having to sit in a cubicle 9-5.

While freelancing or owning your own business isn’t for everyone, a career in web design provides you with the option to work for yourself. You can be selective of the clients you want to work with, clock in and out whenever you want, and do it from any nearly any location.

Every Day is Different

No two web design projects are ever the same. Each day comes with its own challenges and accomplishments. Web designers are constantly problem-solving, ensuring their client’s needs are met and finding the best way to do so.

Along with this is the amount of creativity you can put into your work. Most projects require your own spin of creativity which let your talent shine through. Enjoy seeing your hard work and vision turn into reality as you help other businesses grow.

The Industry is Always Changing

The technology that influences the web design industry is constantly growing. With this comes a shift in tools, styles and best practices. What you have to do manually today could be automated with a stellar new tool just months later. Web designers are required to solve client problems and create a website that functions to the peak of their ability. It’s for this reason that trying and implementing new software and tools is a daily occurrence.

Web design is a great career for anyone that likes to stay up to date on the latest and greatest technology. Use your knowledge to create functional websites that accomplish client goals. It’s exciting to see how much of an influence an expert can have on a business trying to grow.

You Can Make a Difference

There’s nothing better than a satisfied client. When the website is launched and the reports come back that sales have increased you know you made an impact. Each day web designers work to help businesses portray their brand, target their ideal demographic, provide value, and generate additional revenue.

It has Never Been Easier

With resources and services such as ours here at Lead Smirk starting a career in web design has never been easier. Outsourcing tasks such as lead generation have great benefits and take a lot of weight off of the shoulders of web designers. You now have the ability to focus in on your projects, and leave the client acquisition to the experts.

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